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About BidZetu

About Us - Bidzetu

Welcome to Bidzetu

Your secure platform for vibrant auctions in Kenya.

Our Mission

To provide a secure and reliable auction platform tailored for the Kenyan and African market, enabling merchants to transact with confidence.

Our Journey


2021 by Antony Ngigge, with the vision to revolutionize the auction market in Africa.

First Auction

Launched its first successful auction in early 2022, establishing a solid footprint.

Escrow Feature

Introduced escrow services in 2023 to enhance transaction security and trust among users.


Expanded to additional African countries, offering our services to a wider audience in 2024.

Our Goals

To expand our reach across Africa and introduce innovative features like AI-based auction insights.

To become the leading auction platform in Africa by providing unmatched security and user experience.

To integrate sustainable practices into our business model, promoting eco-friendly auctions by 2025.

To foster a community of users who can confidently buy and sell through our platform with peace of mind.